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Full Version: Final Fantasy X PAL little graphics bug how fix?
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Hello how do I fix this error in the graphics game to FFX PAL http://zapodaj.net/images/4dd82e16531f.jpg?
Does not want to use the resolution native!
Emulator settings:
pcsx2 r1601
GSdx-ssse3 r1600 Direct3D10 internal res 1600x1000 texture filtering
CPu enable VU0rec VU0rec MTGS fps limit 50
speed hack on all
Use native or live with it.
(08-03-2009, 07:46 PM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]Use native or live with it.

can not be without this?graphics native mode is very ugly.
thanks fast replay
PS2 games were made for native res so if some games don't make glitches with higher res you are very lucky.
Is not like you stare at the menu all the time anyway Tongue
DX10 almost fixes it, not totally, but much more acceptable