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Full Version: Slowing down on movies?
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I'm wanting to play Persona 4 and several other games. The one thing that I notice that makes these games really hard to play is the movies. When the movies load, although the FPS stays around 100%, it lags. I compared the Intro movie of Persona 4 to the one on youtube and there was a significant difference in speed. How do I make movies run faster? I've tried many settings and spend nearly two hours working on this.

Here is my computer specs:
Windows Vista Home Premium
AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Core 2.2 GHz
NVidia Geforce 9600GT
8G ram

Here is my settings:
PCSX2 0.9.6

GSdx 890 SSE2:
Direct3D 10 Hardware
Grayed NLOOP hack
No interlacing

PEOPS SPU2 for sound:
Gauss inter

everything on the left side is checked EXCEPT for MTGS
Limit and everything is 0

1.5 cycle and INTC Sync Hack and IOP x2 Cycle Rate

EE: Chop/zero - None Clamp Mode - denormals are zero
VU: Chop/Zero - None Clamp Mode - Flush to Zero - Denormals are Zero


so can anyone help? I just want to get the movies really running.
I've tried searching for answers but no luck.
what is the name for the PS2 movies?
did i read that correctly: mtgs is unchecked? why? mtgs should be way faster on multi core cpus. disable it only, if a game is known to not run with mtgs enabled (i personally haven't heard of a single one).

and try the latest beta of pcsx2 and plugins. the lag might be related to your speed hack config, test it with all of them disabled.
The movie loads a bit faster but it is still not at full speed.
I put down all the speedhacks and enabled the M thing.

I'll try downloading the beta version.

EDIT: Oh wow the movie runs smoothly!
I'll start playing now.