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Full Version: smackdown vs raw image problem
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hey i have been running smackdown vs raw 2008 using pcsx2 0.9.6 till yesterday.i had a bin/cue image made of the game and was quite smoothly running it.but i had to format my pc and after reinstalling pcsx2 and creating the bin image of game again for some reason game stopped working.i don't remember which plugin i was using initially but now i have tried gigaherz and p.e.op.s both to no effect(and i think that i was using either one these earlier).and the funny thing is that the game runs fine when i play from dvd using gigaherz.
p.e.op.s says it can't run the cdvd plugin and gigaherz just runs the sony playstation animation that's it.
help me out here plz....................
use linuziso as your cdvd plugin to run image files of your games, make sure the image file is not mounted in e.g. deamon tools or the likes, pcsx2 doesn't like that sometimes. and i recommend imgburn or alcohol 120% for the image creation.
I guess it was linuziso
sorry guys i tried linuz but it still does not work.i remember clearly that i used to mount my bin image with daemon and used to set it as my drive from which to load my game.
please someone help
actually, if it doesn't work with linuz iso, it must mean that you misdumped your DVD.

Simply re-dump it.
ummm how do you do that.i guess my last time was a fluke.pretty naive at this stuff.i have magiciso
just get imgburn, it's free and absolutely easy to use. click on "create image file from disc", choose the destination and name of the image file and hit the start button.