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Full Version: help my PCSX2 doesnt work with jak 3
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hey i have jak 3 for pcsx2 and want to play it loads normal starts it says SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT then i get a windows error and i have to shut pcsx2 down and i know it would be easier on a image so i print screened it plz help for info about my configs and stuff ask ill post and if you played this game on pcsx2 can you plz tell me the configs u used.

[Image: jak3.png?t=1250452423]

and its dutch so ill try to translate it it says:
pcsx2 0.9.6 doesnt work annymore.

the rest is not important its just stupid stuff i get this message too some times with other stuff probly you all will know it it first loads and says searching for a problem or sumthing then this comes annyways plz help thnx and i use gigaherz cd dvd plugin with the others it cant even read the game bye now
just red that the game is unaivaible
just red on the compatible list that its not playable so ill just play other games later i dont need help annymore
just for future threads: please don't triple post, edit your first post.