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Full Version: Growlanser II & III can be playable!!!
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at last Growlanser 2 & 3 can be play Laugh
but must use save state at battle/map.memcard sometimes work but i recommend using save state.
*at battle(event)when enemies remain 1 press square to menu and save state first.so if the battle end and cannot proceed you can load state.in my case i load state 1 times-3 times depends.
*at battle on map(random battle)no need for save state
*or you can change frame limit in game(press F4)after load state.
*if it too fast use frame limter F4 in game

i tried it with

maybe can use with latest Pcsx2 & Gsdx
download from (http://guliverkli.sf.net/latest.php?q=GSdx) don't forget install vcredist_x86(2010).

my setting:
Gsdx-r1637-vc10 SSE2 => attachment
SPU2-X 1.2.0 => default
Pcsx2 Speed Hacks => default
Advanced Options => default
CPU Config => attachment
OK, use the sreenshots thread please