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Full Version: Emu suggestions ....
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Mind your tone, people.
i wish pcsx2 have more speedhack feature and reliable graphic plugin(other new source) and update once a week would be nice

sorry my english is broken!
I hope the program can support net play (such as connect with ip)
https://github.com/alexsharoff this web offered the same function
but it stop renewing and it is not good enough
i hope you can do better and THANKS A LOT
We tried getting the author of PCSX2 online to make a patch for us so we could implement it in our emulator, but he wouldn't do it, so it's not happened ;p
I think this went a bit different, ref Tongue2
The bottom line though was that a working and usable netplay implementation would need us
to first make most of the emulator deterministic.
I just think you have ability to do it, or find other ways to accomplish it.
An option to dump textures and load custom texture packs like Dolphin has would be very useful. 3D scales great with internal resolution but 2D items such as HUDs, text and various icons do not. They will be stretched to improper aspect ratios and often broken with garbage or transparency issues. If this gets implemented, I think there should be a sub-forum dedicated to texture mods, I bet there would be a lot of community volunteers willing to work on creating the packs.

VIRGIN_KLM has also mentioned a very good idea in the past about including other texture filtering modes such as xBRZ.

Sorry if any of this has been suggested before.
It would be great if pcsx2 supported isos formatted for usb on ps2(SLES_123.45.00,.01..) so that i wouldn't need to keep two backups of the same game at once.
Here's a simple but absolutely fantastic idea.
Instead of requiring a separate frontend use/download, how about implementing one of them into the main program?

Essentially, let's say that I have per-game configurations and they would be auto-loaded whenever I loaded up X game. I feel this is a feature that is necessary to the core daily use of PCSX2 rather than relegated to an external 3rd-party program. Since frontends (should) be open-source like PCSX2 itself, it should be relatively simple to implement, hmm?
I would love to see the interface being made overhaul like PPSSPP interface ( possibly one of the best interface in any emulator )
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