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Full Version: Emu suggestions ....
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Oh yea, forgot they already made the latest DX11 minor update Win 8 exclusive.
And I really started to like transparencies and shaded buttons on my start menu ><
Wow, this thread looks abandoned Smile

I have only 1 suggestion to implement to PCSX2 :

- Exclusive full screen mode

Right now the full screen option is only a borderless windowed mode, the emulation would gain performance by implementing that, plus G-sync only works in exclusive full screen.
Giving the fact that Windows 8 always has V-sync on with double buffering, there is a little bit of input lag added when playing in non-true full screen compare to G-sync on or V-sync off.

I absolutely don’t know how hard it is to implement that, but it would be very nice to have it.
Dolphin has both full screen modes and Project64 only has the exclusive one as far as now.
and, how about merging the pcsx2 bonus frontend by dexbonus with the upcoming stable release.
My suggestion would be to redesign the UI of PCSX2. People want fancy new backgrounds, HAHAHAHA that's very funny people. How about we get quicker access to settings like GSdx and the such instead of having to navigate a freaking dropdown menu every single time we want to test something because we can't access anything in PCSX2 while these dialog windows are open?

This thread is full of good stuff to implement but no one has time to do it currently.
If people want to change things: #pcsx2dev on Efnet Smile
Seconded on exclusive full screen mode, this would be just ups, no downs at all.
Redesigning the UI would be very nice I agree, but yeah, it would take too much time Sad
first of all I would like to say this is among the best emulators I ever used. Second, I would like to make a different kind of suggestion.

I always use the iPAD (mine is Pro 9.7 with the last iOS) to do most of things, and I recently discovered this app from the Apple-Store:

That simply streams the contents from our PC to the iPAD, using the method described here:

Well, here's the problem... while some emulators I have tried (so far) are incapable of streaming anything due to some Direct3D or similar error (for example, Saturn's SSF closes automatically when we try to stream a game, I don't even know why it can't work), PCSX2 does work.

And as I see here there are no lags and the stream has sound. So it's just like ePSXe and the aforementioned Dolphin (GameCube emulator), right?

Unfortunately, NO. Because it has EXACTLY an issue that the Dolphin 5.0 version had and (as you can see from the thread above) it was implemented in one of the dev. versions. It was fixed, yet I have no idea what they did and what the problem was.

One of you might explain what was changed.

What is lacking from PCSX2 is the ability to play a 2nd game using this app, with sound.

It works like that:

1) I open PCSX2. There's a list of games to be selected. I don't open any of them yet.

2) I send a command from the iPAD to establish a session with my PC. The app logs in with my Windows username and password, into my fixed IP, for example,

3) The PC can't be used again unless I enter the Windows password. So it logs off.

4) OK, now we are using that app (from the iPAD). First thing I need to do is to move the mouse and then boot a game (in PCSX2). Let's call this game A-1. A-1 is working with sound.

5) If I send the ESC command (in the iPAD app) PCSX2 will close the game.

Then I may select another ISO, say, A-2.

6) A-2 will be muted. However this is not due to some defect in the game or different config that is required. The same A-2 ISO would work with sound if it were the 1st game tried in all those steps.

It's also not a problem with the app, since this "inconvenience" was fixed in one of the Dolphin's versions, as I explained.

So, this would be my request, because if you fix what is causing this, then you will facilitate that PCSX2 can be used fully with a PC + iPAD.

And in case you are wondering, this is how a game looks like in that app:
That whole procedure looks rather complicated Tongue

What are your PC specs? If you have a NVIDIA GPU, Moonlight would be a great solution. I've added PCSX2 manually to GFE and Moonlight has no issues streaming to my Win10 Thinkpad/Android (It's also available on iOS)

If you want to easily unlock your PC, download Teamviewer and set up unattended access
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