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i have trouble with the savestates. Not much actually, its only just that i always forgot what was the No. of my last sstate. So please implement an option of this:-

1/automatically load the latest slot when game start.

2/load the last saved slot.

i always checked the latest sstates with window explorer. Still took my time though.

Does someone already suggested this yet? sorry if it was already posted
(06-03-2011, 12:15 AM)Koji Wrote: [ -> ]The emulator doesn't have any sort of option like that, but you shouldn't have to exit/open over and over... All changes made in the emu happen in real time and doesn't even requiring pausing the emulator (except for if you are completely changing a plugin).

I am just saying what would be sort of convenient to add on to me, and that is more or less exactly what I am talking about, mixing different plugins and options to see what would work best.
how about an auto play ISO feature
any ISO pcsx2 can automatically open it and if it a PS2 game ISO the game will run Smile
i think it is implemented somehow...in the 0.9.7 for example you open an iso-file and the program knows there´s an iso...if you now go on boot or fast boot it opens that iso automatically every time you start the program again...o.O
but i want it outside the program i click on the ISO and pcsx2 run the game
i think it´s a normal windows function...right click-> open with-> choose the emu-> somewhere at the bottom of that window should be something like open that file normally with that chosen program...there you should click on it and open it with pcsx2...should be working
I would like a "proportional to native res" option or something, so I don't have to do the math (Tongue) to get a game running at the height of my monitor and not have it stretched.

I'm aware of the "2x,3x... native" options, but just something small I would like added in a future release or something.
Maybe I didn't understand your post correctly but the scaling options are not multiplying what what you type in Custom D3D resolution.

If the scaling is set to 1x,it will use what you set in custom d3d resolution.Anything higher that 1x scaling will ignore what you set for custom d3d resolution and will multiply the native resolution of the game
64bit, split to 4 threads in hardware mode, 100% compatibility in all games

thanks =p
Raising the internal resolution in software mode. Software works quite well on my rig, but it looks pretty pish. Tongue
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