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Full Version: DEP crash
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First post on here

Since using PCSX2 svn 1653 I have been getting a DEP error after loading multiple games. The error takes a bit to happen maybe 1 minute into the game.
PC in sig running Vista 64bit
PCSX2 svn 1653
Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
Frame Limit = 60
GSDX :: 1650 - DX9/10 tried, Native:checked/unchecked, Vsync on&off
SPU-x2 :: 1.2 - Cubic and linear, dsound and xaudio, every setting tried
Lilypad :: (r1607) 0.10.0

Games tried
Jade Cocoon 2
Kingdom Hearts
Suikoden 3
Need For Speed Most Wanted

Fixed as typing this

Had second player set on padnulldriver which caused error selecting any other plugin removes issue.
Padnull...I can't even remember how ancient that is...