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Full Version: Final Fantasy XII controller problem
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I recently started running Final Fantasy XII on PCSX2. Everything seems to be working fine - I get good frames at 1280x1024 (fullscreen), sound is good and I even managed to export my 184hour savegame from my PS2 memory card to the PCSX2 virtual memory card.

One problem does however persist - I can't get my controller to work properly. Sad

The problem comes from the fact that FFXII uses the D-pad and both the analogs at once. With my analog button on, the left analog and the D-pad maps to the same controller button (i.e. i can't set them separately).

I am using a no-name PS2 to USB controller converter with no special drivers.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a plugin for PCSX2 or some drivers that I can try?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Smile
Well there's always the lilypad plugin you can try....
Haha, I feel almost stupid for saying this, but I have fixed the problem without changing anything at all. Lilypad assigns a different button for the D-pad, provided that the analogs are switched on (something I failed to do Smile ... force of the habit).

Thanks Dog2473, for keeping my attention focused on lilypad, before I went off running after drivers and other hightech fixes. Smile
Always Happy To Help.............. Biggrin