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Full Version: Can my laptop handle PS2 emulation?
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Hey guys, this is my first post on these forums. I haven't tried PS2 emulation in a long time and I'm trying to figure out if my laptop will be able to handle PS2 emulation and still be reasonably playable before I go to the trouble of setting it up for emulation. Here are my system specs.

ASUS F50SF-A1 Notebook
Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53G - 1066MHz FSB - 3MB Cache
32bit Vista (I know, sucks that I'm only using 3GB of my RAM)
Not sure what my drive speed is ... I plan to play games of the HDD anyway

Any helpful hints, tips, or links that will point me in the right direction to making games run as smoothly as possible on my system will be greatly appreciated.
You should be able to run some games at nice speeds. Just get the latest released PCSX2 beta and the latest GSdx from the thread in the plugin discussion forum and you're set.
Thanks a bunch for the quick reply. I think I might do just that.
the laptop should be fine with most games with the exception of games like shadow of the collosus, tekken 5 and such

try overclocking the GPU tho
new mobile series overclock very well

i got this GT130M GDDR2 (about the same speed as your GT220) to 750-610-1700 (standard clocks 600-500-1500) and running 78 celcius with antec notebook cooler 200, i know it can be clocked even further but not going there for now