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games that aren't hard to run
I looked around and couldn't find a list so I thought I would ask: What games are easy to run on the emulator?

The reason i'm asking is because my system is mediocre (AMD Athlon 2.0ghz dual core, 3 gigs ram and Geforce 220 video card) and I've tried playing final fantasy x , it would run but I had a lot of problems with the framerate and sound syncing to where it wasn't playable for me even after tweaking the settings. I'm assuming that FFX is probably one of the more system intensive games out there, so given that I can run it poorly, I figured that I would probably be able to play some less graphically intensive games without any hitches but I thought I would ask before I bothered trying. Also I am mainly interested in RPGs. Thanks

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one of the easiest to run is Final Fantasy X
And your system should be ok to run it at playable speeds. So, I guess you just had a config problem.
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There's actually a list, sort of Tongue
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