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Is V-RAM the limiting factor with internal res?
So I noticed that I can go up to 3x internal res just fine, but if I go up to 4x I start to lose frames quite drastically.

Is this a V-RAM problem? I have a GTX 570 that only has 1.2GB V-RAM.

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enough for PCSX2.
but for Full HD(1980x1080) Games you need to have 2 GB
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4x native is quite demanding and puts a lot of load to your graphics card. V-RAm might help you get with higher xNative Res but won't help it speed it up. Still 1 GB is more than fine for pcsx2. Most games use 500-800 MB V-RAM (with upscaling). Some games might take it up greater than 1 GB (rare).
Use GPU-Z is faster and more accurate than asking around.
Except that, there may be a limmit of resolution for your card. I think my current one goes something around/less than 4k, after that I get BSOD, but on my older PC it wouldn't go over 2560x2048 it would cause just black screen with audio. I'm a bit confused of this non universal behaviour. I can't test which is the limmit of my card without triggering BSODs.
all modern cards allow textures up to 4096x4096, IIRC GSDX uses a "Render to Texture" technique, so 4096x4096 is really the limit.
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But this is a theoritical limmit right? Because my card may be modern but it doesn't seem to like at all resolutions equal/near that.
nope its a limit in hardware, but as i say, this is the case on modern gpu's (or most non-integrated ones). Older gpus have a 2048x2048 limit.

Update: It seems more modern cards are reporting capabilities of up to 16384x16384 texture sizes, however this of course will be limited by the amount of ram on your graphics card and the colour depth of the texture.
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On the subject of huge resolutions such as 4096x4096, I'd be very interested in seeing pictures of the results of all the int. res. scaling levels. I'd like to see what PS2 games look like at the much higher resolutions when compared to say only 2x scaling.
Anything higher than 4x were probably a placebo.

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