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Setup for persona 3 fes
Hey guys, i was wondering if i am able to reach max fps or close to it in persona 3 fes,so can u tell me the settings needed and what version of pcsx2 is better for it. My specs are as follow,

Intel Core I7-4500U 1.8GHz,2401 Mhz,2 core,4logical processor
AMD Radeon HD 8750M

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What configuration you using now.???in the pcsx2 emulator.

You are using ISO ou ps2 disk???

You can post images of you conf.pcsx2???,And what version you used now 1.1???
I used to run it on a Core2Duo at 2.53GHz and an Nvidia 9400M and never had a slowdown at 1280x720 on GSdx, so you should be fine, just make sure PCSX2 is using the AMD GPU on the GSdx plugin window and choose the highest available DirectX in HARDWARE mode Smile

EDIT: You should download the SVN version, enable recommended speed hacks, don't touch the VU or EE slider and possibly, if still slow, experiment with the MTVU hack (though not sure if it will benefit on that game and from your logical cores, you can try though).

EDIT2: If still slow read this:

EDIT3: Oh and make sure the laptop is in HIGH PERFORMANCE mode and plugged in Smile
That's a 4500 U <--- the U means ultrabook.

It may or may not handle the game. If you can keep it running turbo speed, it should. But since it only has two cores to begin with, that might be a trick.
[Image: vwah44]
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