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PCSX2 lag issues. Unable to find a solution.
PCSX2 lag issues. Unable to find a solution.
Hello, I recently downloaded the pcsx2 (ps2emulator) 2 days ago and have looked around quite a bit and experimented with a few things and am still unable to fix the lag issues I have. Currently I am having trouble with Kingdom Hearts, I don't think its an issue with the Kingdom hearts file itself. The lag I am experiencing is very similar to this ( ) I have tried to do what this video suggests but it doesn't really work. Here are my pc specs-
2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-4710HQ
750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
NVIDIA GeForce 840M GPU (2GB DDR3)
So I really shouldn't have any trouble running it. Someone please help me.... I really wanna play Kingdom Hearts... I miss it Sad

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