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Download your BIOS dammit!
I'm against dumping your own BIOS now.


Because it NOT as easy as the *****-tators of this forum say it is. In order to do it, you have to do all this dangerous and complex stuff, such as installing a modchip in your PS2, which can damage or break your system!

So please, don't bother with these goody-goody two-shoe vigilante *****,

And if the *****-tators of this forum ban me and delete that heavenly link, just do yourself a favor: revolt against them for masturbating about being vigilantes, and then go to my OWN pcsx2 forum, where I'll help EVERYBODY download games and BIOSes ALL THEY WANT!!!


Join my forum and I'll give you free invitation codes to the BEST torrent site on the web! Wink

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Quote:So...WHO'S WITH ME!?
Not me...banned.
Oh and when Sony comes in and rapes you with a $1,000,000 fine,do tell so we can laugh at you Tongue
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