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Just curious, what can we expect from PCSX2 0.9.9 ?
Hey guys. I haven't read much into about 0.9.9 but I'm guessing it's going to be a big update, am I correct? What can expect from the new version when it's release? Think it'll fix a lot of issues or problems and make games run even better a.k.a MGS2+MGS3, Valkrie Profile 2, etc.?

For those beta testing it, how does it compared to 0.9.8 if you're allowed to discuss about it? Just curious to see how the new version is coming along and what updates,changes,optimization we can expect for those of us waiting for it..any have an idea or speculation of it? I think it'd be a nice discussion about it.

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you can test the latest svn yourself under the svn section of the main pcsx2 website.
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0.9.9 will never be released, but you can download it any time you like as said above.
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So @Refraction , Why wont 0.9.9 ever be released? is Pcsx2 stopping with 0.9.8 or are you going to just straight into 1.00?
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Because 0.9.9 is beta...they are like this
0.9.6 - official
0.9.7 - beta
0.9.8 - official
0.9.9 - beta

Currently if you are using anything newer than pcsx2-r4600,it means that you are already using 0.9.9
And after 0.9.9 ... ?!! The official 0.9.10 of course.
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everyone knows 1.0.0 comes after 0.9.9 D: (jks)
I honestly wonder if there's much point in an official release of 0.9.9.
Everyone would just go straight to the next SVN, anyways. lol

Though something particularly less buggy will always be a good idea for newbies to the emulator (or emulators in general).
Hi, as I can see in Pcsx2's SVN page

Why there are all about Gsdx's fix bugs in the changelogs? I can't see the Pcsx2's code in there, some kind of improvement to make it run games faster(for low end pc)?
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Guys, don't expect lower end PC's to go from 20 FPS to 60FPS.

You'll be disappointed, cause that won't happen.
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