GameFAQ Saves to PCSX2 Memory Cards
Mymc is extremely easy to use program and it supports MAX Drive (.max), EMS (.psu), SharkPort (.sps), X-Port (.xps) and Code Breaker (.cbs) saves

If you're using new card make sure it's formatted.
  • Start PCSX2=>CDVD=>No Disk

  • System=>Boot CDVD (Fast\Full) - it doesn't matter which you choose

  • After the mini movie go to Browser and enter the card.If it's not formatted,a suggestion will appear to format the card.When everything is done close the emu.
Importing save to PSCX2 memory card
  • When you have formatted your new card or if you have already a card that you're using just open mymc-gui.

  • Two windows will pop up and with the one in front select your memory card(Mcd001/2.ps2)

  • Click on the second icon(import) or File=>Import and select your save that you've downloaded from Gamefaq
  • That's all
Exporting save from PSCX2 memory card
  • For exporting a save just select it and click on the third icon.You'll have an option to choose(Save as type) to what format to be exported,PSU(uLaunchELF uses those saves) or MAX(Action Replay).Keep in mind that some save uses characters that are not allowed in windows so you just have to rename the save before saving it.
Deleting save from PSCX2 memory card
  • Just select the saves and use File=>Delete
How to use PSV saves
  • After you download your save use the program called PSV Explorer(included in the attachment).Open the program,click on the first icon or File=>Open PSV and select your PSV save.

  • You'll find some files inside.Click on the third icon(all) or File=>Export All Files=>choose where to be extracted(for example on your desktop)and click ok.

  • Now we are going to use another program,PS2 Save Builder(also included in the package).

  • Open the program,select all the files inside the folder that PSV Explorer created and drag-drop them into the PS2 Save Builder window.
    Now copy the name of the folder that PSV Explorer created and paste it to the Root/ID of PS2 Save Builder.

  • Now click on the diskette icon or File=>Save As and choose from Save as Type .max .psu .sps .xps or .cbs(because mymc supports only those formats)

  • When you create you save just use mymc to import the save
  • If you can't use mymc but want PSV save,just skip the steps after you extract the save and continue with the guide below

How to do it without mymc

The old guide at ngemu is reeealy old so I make a little update

On some Operating systems mymc won't work for some reason,so here is how to do it without mymc.
  • Download ImgBurn
  • Open your save with PS2 Save Builder=>copy the Root\ID=>select all of the files=>right click=>Extract=>Create a new folder with the Root\ID you just copied for the name and save the files inside.
  • Open ImgBurn=>Mode=>Build=>drag-drop the folder you just created with the save files to the field below Source.
  • On the right side switch to the Options tab and for file system choose ISO9660 + Joliet
  • Again on the right side,switch to the Advanced tab=>Restrictions=>Joliet=>enable "Allow Files Without Extension"
  • Click on the big folder to image icon on the left side and...

  • First it will ask if you want to add only the files if you added only a single save\folder so choose NO

  • Second,another warning because you didn't added a label for the image so click Yes=>Ok=>Ok and that's all from ImgBurn

  • Now start pcsx2=>CDVD=>
  • If you choose Image,you must select the image you created from the Iso Selector=>Browse menu
  • If you choose plugin,you have to go to Config=>Plugin/Bios Selector=>Plugins=>CDVD=>choose Linuzappz ISO=>Apply=>click the Configure button on CDVD and configure Linuzappz ISO and either select the image by clicking on the "Select Iso" button or leave the field empty(that way Lunuzappz ISO will always ask you want to load...I prefer this so I'm using it for the guide)
  • Click ok buttons until all of the dialogs are closed
    System=>Run ELF=>choose the BOOT.ELF I added to the attachment(it's a special version of uLaunchELF that works with pcsx2),then another dialog will appear(because I choose Linuzappz ISO)asking for the choose it.

  • Now when uLaunchELF load choose(with the circle button)FileBrowser=>cdfs=>highlight the folder or press X on it=>R1=>Copy=>press the triangle button to go back to the devices=>mc0=>R1=>Paste
  • That's all.

Or here is another method

Some saves contains information that is lost when you extract the save to a folder(those cases are really rare so use this method if nothing else works or if your saves are already .psu format),so here is a method how to avoid this.

It only works for MAX Drive (.max), EMS (.psu), SharkPort (.sps), X-Port (.xps)...for Code Breaker (.cbs) saves it requires extra steps
  • If the save is .psu format,just skip to how to create the image(you are placing the .psu files directly into the image...rather than folders)

  • If the save is not .psu format,you have to use the PS2 Save Converter to open the save and save it as .psu

  • If the save is .cbs,you have to first use PS2 Save Builder to save it as some of the formats above and then use PS2 Save Converter to save it as .psu

  • When you are done with converting and making the image,load the BOOT.ELF and the image like I explained above,copy the files from cdfs,go to the memory card and R1=>psuPaste

  • That's all
PS.All of the ImgBurn settings are remembered automatically so you don't have to reconfigure everything every time

Edit:Added another method and the required program for it

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I was just going to make a topic asking about this. Thanks a lot vsub. I'll be getting MyMC immediately.
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Do the save files work if I copy 'em directly from my real memory card using uLaunchELF instead of exporting 'em as .psu format?
Updated the guide with another method and answering your question
Nicely done, added to FAQ Smile
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Well done. I was literally looking for a way to do this 3 hours ago. I opened the forum and was like "Well isn't that convenient". Excellent FAQ: big thanks!
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(08-04-2012, 09:35 AM)vsub Wrote: Updated the guide with another method and answering your question

what is mymc.
Read the first post of this thread.
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I'm sorry if the post already answers this question because I cant find it.

How do you transfer the save file of the CDVD to iso? I'm playing wwe on a disk that i have and i've already save a lot. I decided to make an iso of it, but I don't know how to transfer the save from the disk to iso. When i play the disk, it has its own separate save file from the disk.

The save is not saved to the disk but the the PS2\PCSX2 memory card

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