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PSOne Widescreen Patches
which demo @PsxFan107

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The spyro 3 demo. I edited my post to clarify that.
@gamemasterplc, thank you very much for the Crash 2 and Crash Team Racing widescreen codes! They look perfect, and these are probably the best Crash games viewed at any widescreen method, because they seem to have the least amount of clipping textures. I've made videos for both, but since my upload bandwidth is crap, I'll post one at a time. So here's CTR first:

Crash Team Racing, PCSXR-PGXP, 1280x720@30, widescreen 16:9 cheat code + widescreen hack = Ultrawide (kind of)

With the hacks mixture, the little story cutscene at the beginning hangs after the Coco scene, but that is almost a "secret" really. The aspect ratio is actually a few pixels taller than it should have been because I messed up the calculation, but the video is O.K., I guess...

I showed 2 tracks that are very big, with lots of curves, so it's possible to see some popping textures. Since the 2D elements become extremely stretched, one thing that would be really nice for this game would be a code to disable the HUD, or at least center it to the 4:3 ratio, like what Project64 Jabo's and GlideN64 video plugins do with their widescreen hacks. Although, disabling 2D elements during the race would probably also hide the items box... At least the wumpa fruit at the top and position marker seem to be 3D, so those would stay (just assumptions XD).
You barely see popin in 16:9 with the code on the ground. Getting 2D elements right seems impossible. I have to look into disabling them
the progress is stunning in the last months. Smile Could someone give another try on Ridge Racer Type 4 or GRan Turismo 1&2 ? For RR4 we have already 16:9 code but ony for the car.
Here's Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back in ultrawide:

Crash 2, PCSXR-PGXP, 1280x720@30, widescreen 16:9 "hor +" cheat code + widescreen hack

Out of the 3 in the original trilogy, this game seems to be the one that have the least popping on the sides, with any widescreen method. Correctly scaled, it looks good enough to play like this, so I wished I had an ultrawide monitor to actually play like that XD... A 4:3 15" CRT is my only option currently.
My advise is to not use vert- codes on Crash games. There are alot of game mechanics that depend on being able to see stuff that are on the higher part of the screen (chase sequences, riding sequences etc), if you use vert- you obscure them rendering alot of stuff tricky to maneuver or even depending on pure luck to execute. If you're really annoyed by the missing geometry of regular widescreen hacks just don't use widescreen at all, vert- is not the answer for Crash games.
Here are some games I tried so far but seem to be stubborn:

Codename Tenka
Digimon Rumble Arena
Tekken 1 - 2 - 3
Gran Turismo 1 - 2
Bloody Roar
C3 Racing - Car Constructors Championship (it has 2 widescreen options BOTH COMPLETELY WRONG]
Megaman Legends
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
Legend of Legaia
Speed Freaks (prone to crashing with most GPU plugins)

I hope somebody can give them a try, I fell like giving up on them.
Thanks for your effort. Have you als tried: Die Hard Trilogy and Nightmare Creatures 1? Smile

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