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Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here!
Final Fantasy X International

Region: NTSC (J)
CRC: 658597E2

gametitle=Final Fantasy X International [SLPS-25088] (J) [658597E2]

//Sensor Always On

//Sphere Grid Movement Costs 0 S.Lvls

//Obtain 10 monsters for each capture (with capture weapon)

//Thunder Plains Lightning Dodged 200 Times In a Row After Dodging Once

// Controls whether or not a certain character "appeared"
// in battle, and "acted" in battle. A character must both appear
// and act in order to gain AP. This works for
// characters who haven't joined the party yet.
//patch=1,EE,0031f870,byte,00000001 // Tidus appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f894,byte,00000001 // Tidus acted
//patch=1,EE,0031f871,byte,00000001 // Yuna appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f895,byte,00000001 // Yuna acted
//patch=1,EE,0031f872,byte,00000001 // Auron appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f896,byte,00000001 // Auron acted
//patch=1,EE,0031f873,byte,00000001 // Khimari appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f897,byte,00000001 // Khimari acted
//patch=1,EE,0031f874,byte,00000001 // Wakka appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f898,byte,00000001 // Wakka acted
//patch=1,EE,0031f875,byte,00000001 // Lulu appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f899,byte,00000001 // Lulu acted
//patch=1,EE,0031f876,byte,00000001 // Rikku appeared
//patch=1,EE,0031f89a,byte,00000001 // Rikku acted

//Break 99,999 Damage Limit

//Break 99,999 Damage Limit On Some Items & Special Attacks

//Break Item Damage/Healing Limit

//Break HP Limit Completely Without Armor Ability Enabled (9999 & 99,999)

//Break MP Limit Completely Without Armor Ability Enabled (9999 & 99,999)

//Chocobo Race (0 Birds, Freezes the game when entering macalania )

//Chocobo Race (99 Balloons, Freezes the game when entering macalania )

//Debug Mode (load from a save file, Nakazawa-san Test Map, Camera Test Map, all else freezes)

//Control Enemies


//Invincible Enemies

//Unlimited MP

//Unlimited Overdrive

//Disable Attack Animations

//All Applicable Attacks Critical Hit (Even Enemies)

//Everything Does 1 Damage (Even Enemies)

//Everything Does 9,999 Damage (Even Enemies)

//Everything Does 99,999 Damage (Even Enemies)

//Always Rare Item Drop/Steal

//AP gained after battle x100

//Gil gained after battle x100

//Disable Overkill

//Display battlefield coordinate grid

//All characters enter battle at 1 HP

//All enemies enter battle at 1 HP

//All evadable abilities miss + status never inflicted

//Disable Random Variance on Damage

//Always Preemptive Strike (Doesn't Work for Enemies That Always Ambush)

//Always Ambush

//No Preemptive Strikes or Ambushes (Doesn't Work for Enemies That Always Ambush)

//Skip attack, overdrive, magic, summon animations

Final Fantasy X (PAL)

Region: PAL (E)
CRC: A39517AB

gametitle=Final Fantasy X [SCES 50490] (E) [A39517AB]

//NTSC Mode (Causes Audio De-sync in FMVs)

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(06-24-2012, 11:36 AM)Malmern Wrote: Can anyone help me with codes for Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance PAL (093E7D52)?

I've tried to convert several codes (AR MAX, Codebreaker, Xploder V5),
but noone of them seem to be working,
here's an example:

//Enable Code


I've have tried with all the different enabler codes,
and without any at all!

I don't know about the Pal ver but if you can convert these codes from the NTSC ver (C539049D) it might work. It seems like PCSX2 only works with gameshark v1 codes. I tried using codes that work with GSv3 using omniconverter and it only crashes the game.

//All Weapons:

//All Items:

//Infinite Ammuntion

//Items Won't Decrease
Hi, I'm old but new. Couple questions.
1.<del>working pnach file for Musashi samurai legend? the crc I have is:675CEB8F. not sure what I'm doing wrong but the codes don't actually activate</del>
ok found one that works. still got the problem with #2 though

2.<del>I'm pretty sure I have a working pnach file for Castlevania Curse of darkness (finally) but it can't for life of me get pass the loading screen. Anyone else having this problem and have a solution besides disabling cheats?</del>

ok so I also figured it out I disable cheats start a new game save state during gameplay then restart with cheats enabled and load state <body bgcolor="yellow"> <p>ViolA!</p> </body>

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