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Q4 2016 progress report
(02-12-2017, 05:46 PM)Bositman Wrote: The health bar and orb counter are probably a 2D overlay of the game, thus not getting upscaled like the rest of the view, which makes them stand out

I was saying that the background beneath those elements it's also lower resolution (probably native) and when upscaled along, it overlaps the 2x/3x or whatever IR multiplier the game is ran at. Basically there's a band of lower resolution at the top while the lower part of the rendered window is sharp and clear at the higher chosen resolution. Just flip the 2 images back and forth and take a look at the top side (not the health bar / red orbs specifically, but the whole top part) and you'll notice the change in resolution just in that part.

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@javed_iqbal @Akasha
Cool. If you're still here, how do we processed ? You could either search on github the commit/issue fixed and write some stuff on it. Here some topic
* Skylake CPU slow software renderer fix
* Removal of SSSE3 and AVX configurations
* Vif unpack & MTVU speed optimization
* GSdx texture cache speed optimization (fast texture delete)

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