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0.9.7 beta on Ubuntu 10.04x64
there arent many options as far as plugins in gnu/linux... i'm gunna mess around with them a bit though.

i'm in the process of setting up a 32 bit chroot right now. this sounds like a disaster that's waiting to happen. Tongue

i have the latest nvidia drivers.
gts 260 nvidia
4 gigs of ram
intel i7 2.8 ghz

i'm gunna mess with the non chrooted version before i try diving too deep into chroot.

do i need to install 32 bit drivers in the chroot or does it use my drivers i already have?

i can't compile the svn in a 64 bit system without being chrooted huh?

is there a place where linux binaries of the svn are frequently updated?

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There's the pcsx2 ubuntu ppa but I don't know if 64bit is supported.

On nvidia-settings, go to "Antialiasing Settnings" and unmark "Texture Sharpening", that should help on the gfx side.
Athlon II x2 245 (@3.6Ghz), 6gb DDR3 1333, GeForce GTS250 2gb Ram, Linux Mint 12 32bit.
you sir are a genius


turning off the aa and texture stuff from the nvidia menu fixed everything and its runnning flawlessly now.

thanks for your help everyone.
I'm back with another question...

the only spu2 plugin besides null that it recognizes is zerospu2 playground-dev 4 even though i have like 4 or 5 plugins in there. is the playground spu2 the best plugin and if not, how can i get the others to be recognized?
The only one that shows up for me is SPU2-X 1.4. Have you installed all dependencies listed on the PCSX2 linux thread?

Run pcsx2 from the terminal, open the bios/plugin selection windows and post all terminal output here, please.
Athlon II x2 245 (@3.6Ghz), 6gb DDR3 1333, GeForce GTS250 2gb Ram, Linux Mint 12 32bit.

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