0.9.9 and 0.9.8(4600) UI Translation files for Polish language
Based on r.4721

.7z   pl_PL translation sources by Miseru99.7z (Size: 24,88 KB / Downloads: 628)

Based on r.4735 with a small improvement

.7z   pl_PL translation sources based on r4735.7z (Size: 25,08 KB / Downloads: 536)

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commit in r4736 (trunk)
After reading some comments under r4739 I decided as it was very fast and easy to do, to add polish language support to currently oficially supported beta at r4600(not sure if it'll be usefull especially with 1 post over news page leads to buildbot latest builds, but for a 2 minutes of work I don't mind):

.7z   pl_PLsources r4600.7z (Size: 26,4 KB / Downloads: 680)

.7z   pl_PLbinaries r4600.7z (Size: 24,72 KB / Downloads: 614)
New changes in speedhack section translated, based on r4920

.7z   pl_PL r4920.7z (Size: 25,16 KB / Downloads: 512)
commit in r4923

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