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2 players 1 controller (PCSX2+Parsec).
Hello everyones, I'm an italian user and I'm new here!

I would like to play a single-player game (KH) with a friend on Parsec but i don't know how to set 2 different controllers for the same player.
Does someone know how to do that?


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I haven't messed with Parsec (not much for multiplayer), but if you can pass it's inputs into something like autohotkey and then use autohotkey's output as the input into PCSX2 it might do what you want.
From what I understand from the video demonstration of the program,someone just gets full access to your pc and can control everything
I think it will work this way
1.In the lilypad settings enable "Multiple Bindings" in General or something like that(1.4.0 is using different words)
2.Set your controls and then let your friend set the controls

I do something like that when I want to control P1 with my gamepad and my keyboard
I've tried everything but nothing happened.

Can u tell me where I'm wrong?
[Image: 70629823_2769304963080164_36997455166622...e=5DFB582C]
Everything except what I told you to try.
Allow binding multiple PS2 controls to one PC control
Nothing happens even with that activated voice. I'm using a 360 cable pad for player1 and a PlayStation4 pad (with DS4Windows) for Player2 but I don't think that DS4 is the problem.
I've done it!
I thought that Pad1 and Pad2 were two different list for each controller while each list is dedicated for all the controllers connected to the PC.
I'm a total dumb lol

Thanks for the support!

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