A Bug in God of war after crossing Rings of Pandora
I have made my PCSX2 to work better with my configuration , But when i played God of war , i have met up with an error that comes after getting past the Rings of pandora . When i get up to the Bridge using the Big statue , i will get a Cutscene of the Skeleton Warrior , After defeating him , we will get towards a Vulture or something , in that cutscene my PC gets stucked ! I have attached my PCSX2's Log file of my Computer Information.

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Maybe your DVD9 image is not created correctly...I may be wrong but I think here or somewhere close,the ps2/pcsx2 is supposed to start reading from the second layer of the disk

Try making it with ImgBurn/DVD Decrypter
I have done it with Ultra Iso ! Doesn't it Fit it well
For me at least I was never able to make fully working image using UltraISO(most of the time the game don't work at all)
Use ImgBurn/DVD Decrypter
IMGburn is much more reliable and as an added bonus, totally free.
Use it: http://imgburn.com/
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