A Dirge of Cerberus keyboard/mouse/ speed issue
Hello everyone, nice to meet you all. Happy to see the ps2 emulator scene is active. Smile I've known about this program for a while, but only now do I try it.

I did a quick forum search on Drige of Cerberus, before posting, Maybe my PC just isn't up to the task. Although I would like to think it is, as better PC have tried.

Anyway, lets just start with any basics, what settings can I do, to make this game run at a steady 60fps ish, and still main its form. I'm getting right now 27 - 60fps depending on how i mess with the settings. Its never a constant speed of course.

Also, how do I get the keyboard and mouse options to work on this game. The game seems to even pick up the fact I have a usb keyboard and mouse, but doesn't seem to actually let me use them.

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you have to enable those options in lillypad (no other plugin uses them I don't think, well, the mouse anyway)
(07-16-2010, 04:53 PM)Saiki Wrote: you have to enable those options in lillypad (no other plugin uses them I don't think, well, the mouse anyway)

Ah, thank you, I will like at that as soon as possible. "Currently on my laptop. Not on my main computer."

How do you think my computer will fare with this emulator?
good CPU + good GPU (SLI isn't supported)
you'll get good in most games.
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Which options in lillypad do I want to turn on? It does not seem to be detecting the keyboard and mouse. I originally assumed it was.
the APIs for keyboad and mouse perhaps?
I realy want to play Dirge of Cerberus but its runing to slow on my PC
i Have:
AMD Athlon II X2 2,8GHz
3 GB of RAM DDR2
ATI Radeon HD4850 512MB GDDR3
Widnows 7 64-bit
and i use PCSX2 0.9.6
Can you help me please ??
Not much you can do about it, that game needs a better PC than you have. Try speedhacks and running with "native" in GSdx maybe frameskipping but it will still be buggy and low speed.
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basically turn on all speedhacks except the last Mvu one and but VU skip at 2 and EE at 33%

it works playably for me, but that's not even close to full speed (then again I have a slower PC than you)

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