ATI card crashes on exit.
I seem to have an odd error each time I try to exit the emulator when I`m using DX10 settings.
ATI just reports the graphics card crashes and that it recovered. Yea, that thing.
I haven`t had a single crash in-game, so that`s pretty much allright.
I`m wondering if the emulator/plugin is having problems "shutting down" DX10 usage, or is ATI simply being annoying?

Emulating with DX9 doesn`t seem to give this problem, but DX9 works choppy and looks pretty much as good as it works.

Actually, I`m a bit worried (probably for nothing) that my graphics card might not like crashing too many times, so ummm... reply something to make me feel better or fix the bug. Tongue lol.

Anyway, here`s some specs:

OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition / Memory: 8Gig
Processor: AMD Phenom™ II X4 955 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Display Device: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series (x2 crossfire)

Emulator version: 0.9.6
Graphics Plugin: GSdx 890 (SSE2)

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It's the first time I hear about that I think, but anyway other than being annoying it's not actually crashing your card just a drivers malfunction and as soon as they recover it's fine. Worst it could happen is some time it can't recover and you are forced to restart your PC or be doomed to bad/non-working graphics until you restart.

If anything try using the latest pcsx2 beta and beta plugins and maybe set your card's settings in CCC to it's defaults, maybe it'll improve something.
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I`m guessing I`ve put a little too much demand on my machine.
Also, I prolly forgot to mention I always run in full screen, and it seems fullscreen DX to windowed DX sometimes crashes.
I`ve seen it happen on other apps too, so I guess it`s just an annoyance indeed.
Probably because the thing`s trying to render a frame while I`m mashing the ESC button or something.

I`ve tried disabling Adaptive Anti Aliassing. (something in ATI`s Catalyst Control. )
And I`ve adjusted emulator settings a little lighter, also to get a better frame rate.
I also enabled that -safe esc "hack"- on lilypad. Not sure if it helped, but it didn`t harm eitherway.

EDIT: Well, I`m guessing it was Adaptive anti aliassing causing a problem.
Because the program hardly seems to crash on that specific video problem now that I`ve turnt it off.

EDIT2: I had a new issue now I`m playing a bit more on this thing: The card crashes at regular interval. (every 20 minutes).
I dunno where I got the bright idea from, but I disabled windows power management (for the monitor).
It seems Windows doesn`t register any activity in the emulator, hence, after 20 minutes tries to turn off the screen. Not really a card issue, but it does crash the ATI card.

The beta plugins don`t seem to work for me yet, I`ve tried them, but I`m glad I backup`d the original set first.

By the way, is anyone planning on creating crossfire usage in a plugin?
^^ using an extra 'PU couldn`t hurt for these games.
Quote:By the way, is anyone planning on creating crossfire usage in a plugin?
^^ using an extra 'PU couldn`t hurt for these games.
If you read the FAQ you'd know the answer is No.
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