Analog Stick Problems
(06-12-2011, 03:35 AM)Master Raven Wrote: For whatever reason, on LilyPad my left stick is not registering a full 360 degree input. Instead it's just 8-way so if I want to turn a direction while pushing up it won't register anything as I slide the stick until it hits an extreme diagonal direction.

^That's my problem. I'm using a PSP as a controller but the analog stick's directions only goes in 8 ways. Whenever I rotate the analog stick, the character makes a sharp turn instead of turning smoothly. My movement is limited to 8 directions.

I've searched google (and this forum) but I can't find any solutions. If there are any topics that already discussed this, please show me the link.

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BUMPing this. Still haven't found a solution.

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