Any plans or development for Mipmap Support in HW mode?
As the title simply states. I've gone through several older threads on the topic, and do understand the issue of needing to entirely rewrite the graphics plugin for HW mode, and that no one has done so yet. However, I'm just looking to see if there's any known, unofficial plugins that can be installed that add this support? It's been upwards of 6-7 years since some of the older posts, and while hardware has definitely improved drastically since then, there's still plenty of slowdown issues when using SW over HW. I've seen some posts claiming it to be the other way around, but that only happens if you have a super powerful CPU vs your GPU. For example: I'm currently playing Ape Escape 2. In HW mode, all visual effects work flawlessly (Except Mipmapping), and I get a silky 60 FPS through the entire game, meanwhile in SW mode, while playable, going underwater slows the game down to ~40 FPS while capturing an ape drops it to 15. Other visual effects cause frame drops in some parts.
For the record, I'm running on a Lenovo Legion 5 (Yes, a Laptop. sue me.)
nVidia GTX 1660 Ti
AMD Ryzen 5 4600H @ 3 GHz (4 GHz Boosted, which enables with PCSX2 running)
8 GB Ram

Please, don't be a smartass and just say "Hurr durr get better pc". I ain't got the money, and I'm sure in the current world, not many other people do right now either. I just wanna know if there's been any progress in tackling this issue or if someone else has managed to do it or not.

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there has been hw mode mipmap support for several years now. some gamed works better than others. a patch was made for AE2 mipmaps-
I'm not sure what you mean with mipmapping support on HW mode when it's there. Though there is a rewrite needed for texture cache which can affect mipmapping.

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