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Any way to fix 1080i mode in Gran Turismo 4 NTSC?
Ugh, no, just no. A search a bit in the MIPS code of the ELF and PSCX2's info reveals what is exactly done, it's the standar 480i (which is 512x448 or something) the 480p (which is something like 640x447) and in 1080i it's the same intrenal resolution as 480p JUST INTERPOLATED/SCALLED. I think that 480p/1080i also uses a 16bit dithered colorspace output for less resource use (I may make a mistake, may be a different game still though I'm pretty possitive it's GT4 that does that, alot of games use 16 bit or 12 bit colorspace dithered for their progressive and HD resolutions, I can think of atleast 2 right now).

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