Ar Tonelico 2 frame drop
I'm having some issue with frame rate while playing Ar Tonelico II. I had no problem playing other games such Ar tonelico I, FF10, and FF10-2. I had constant 58~60 fps with those games, but then with Ar tonelico II the fps would suddenly drop and lag for a few second.

My Computer Spects:
Window 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit
6G Ram
Phenom II x4 955 3.2Ghz
Gtx 560

I'm using the beta verison of pcsx2, with pretty standard settings that people recommend around the forum. Only thing different is I did enable HW hacks for sprite, since Ar Tonelico II sprite had these black line all over them.

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Your system should more than enough to play this game, maybe you had any resource hogging background apps?
I don't have any app running on the back expect for the program for the ps3 controller and i just been playing ar tonelico I before, so there isnt anything different.
Could u post that standard settings that ur using, also the motionjoy soft can eat 800 megas of ram, still u should no have any issue with that(i have only 4GB and everything work fine, even with firefox eating 650 megas at the same time xD)
[Image: 21eds0o.png]
[Image: 1zzkqpi.png]]
Cant see nothing wrong, try unchecking the 8-bit textures, and if that dont work put the vu cycle on 1.
And, you're using DVD or ISO?
..I dont think that those effects the pcsx...he did say that he had played AT1 with no problem...unless he's using another emu...but supposedly,there arent any problem...
Try to put EE to 1.

@Ash Claudius
Even if it's the same series same setting could lead to different result. Heck, AT2 doesn't even use AT1 engine.
If he play from the disk(not image),most likely this is the problem(you are describing the problem of playing this game from the disk)
The PC drive don't read PS2 games as easily as the PS2 drive and that game is maded to start reading from the disk in the worst possible time(when you have to guard right before the enemy attack).

I can play that game on my much weaker PC at full speed almost all of the time

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