Ar tonelico 2 glitches
Not sure if I should start a bug thread for these, just throwing them out here first to see what people have to say.

I've read a bit about some of these in other threads, but am not sure what the current status is.

Most of these also occur in Ar tonelico 1 (although when I played At1 a few months back it was off a SVN build, however these listed here are from an official stable build, and occurred a few minutes ago in At2).

Problem 1: Game has chopped/split background graphics.

Problem 2: Sprites often have dirty black pixels around them.

Problem 3: In some scenes, especially larger panning backgrounds, the game goes really slowly for a while.

Problem 4: Screen capture jpg files (made with F8) can't be opened or viewed, even by Gimp.

Other than the above, the games seem to play pretty well.

Any hacks/options/patches/etc I should try for fixing these?

PCSX2 version: latest stable Linux version, v 0.9.6, downloaded from here:

Options: No special options or speedhacks set (I don't even know where to begin with those >_> ), I just did standard configuration as per the guide (mainly setup controller pad, and set emulator to use an ISO file).

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Most of the problems(if not all of them)are fixed on the beta of pcsx2 and the newest GSdx.
Awesome, thanks. I'll try it out ASAP and post a follow-up.

Update: Can't find a Linux beta. Busy trying to build from SVN instead.
GSDX does not exist on Linux. And even with ZZogl some of this issues are still persist, especially 3rd issue. Black borders is bilinear issue, as I recall.
Thanks for the replies!

As a follow-up, I couldn't find a linux beta, so I built from the latest SVN instead, as per the instructions here:

The pcsx2-read-only build went fine, but the pcsx2-playground-read-only build failed, with a compile error about zlib/zlib.h being missing. I get the same error with a plain checkout, and also if I replace (as per the instructions at the above link).

So I was only able to test a build from pcsx2-read-only.

I got the game running, but PCSX2 reported a bunch of errors like this:
" Failed loading MemoryCard from file: (null)/memcards/Mcd001.ps2"

And the game also seemed to think there was no memory card attached. This was rather perplexing. Although it seems that PCSX2 at some point did create memory cards by itself later (or maybe I managed to fix the problem somehow).

The game seems to run ok in the SVN build, but has the same issue with black borders. And it also has a bunch of battle graphics glitches that 0.9.6/stable doesn't (discolored areas, and random bits and pieces of sprites being shown).

And for the good news:

The split/wrapped background does seem to be fixed in the SVN version :-)

Oh, and disabling bilinear filtering helps with both versions. No more black areas. Thanks :-)

Should I try the Windows Beta instead? It sounds like from the above comments like there might be more fixes there.

Edit: Something else, how do I get the video record mode (avi) working correctly? When I use F7, the screen goes black with a bunch of lines (and F7 again restores the screen), but no avi file appears. This is regardless of whether I enable or disable avi-recording mode in the video settings. I have the same version both with 0.9.6/stable/linux, and with the SVN build.

Edit2: Screen captures (F8) are still broken in the SVN build.

It seems like by default, tga data is saved to the .jpg files (at least according to the file headers). And when you set tga mode in the video settings, the file extension changes to .bmp (?), but tga-formatted data is still saved there.

When I rename the files to a .tga extension, gimp is able to open, but the colors balance is completely wrong. It looks like the different primary colors (R,G,B) are being exchanged with each other (something like, the bits are stored in G,R,B order, but gimp reads it in R,G,B, so the colors hues look very strange).

Also, it looks like the SVN build generates screen caps with tga file headers, but the 0.9.6 doesn't (at least according to my linux tools)., although both have tga-like file data

I'm going to try the Windows Beta soon. Hopefully it has fewer problems.
Yeah, there aren't any Linux betas. We've talked about it before, but it never quite came together.

Also, pcsx2-playground is old. Pcsx2 includes everything from pcsx2-playground; the two projects merged.

And Windows 7 Beta will help simply because you can run GSDx under Windows, and Ar Tonelico 2 works better under GSDx then ZZOgl. Or ZeroGS, but then, that's mostly unmaintained, and ZZOgl beats it out on most fronts.

I seem to recall that avi recording was unimplemented in the Linux version of ZeroGS, which ZZOgl is based off of. Not sure on screen captures; haven't really looked at it...
Cool, thanks for the reply.

And yeah, the Windows version worked a lot better, thanks.

If playground is out of date, could someone possibly update the linux building guide, here?

About the windows versions, I had these problems iirc:

1) The beta version, doesn't support saving videos. Pressing the key for it doesn't bring up any dialog box at all.

2) The stable version, doesn't seem to support making screen captures. I had to do a windows screen capture instead. Also, the videos made by the stable version don't have sound.

And, the beta version, looks a *lot* better than the stable for AT...! Congrats on that :-) (I know a few AT fans who will be happy about that).

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