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Arcade systems emulation in PCSX???

Is it possible to add in the future emulation of Arcade systems based on PS2 hardware? i will like to play tekken 5.1 on my pc someday Laugh
Most Dreamcast emulators can handle Naomi (Arcade version of DC) games as well so i think same goes for PS2 emulation?

Tekken 5.1 is working on Namco system 2?4 with is modified PS2 hardware...

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Arcade systems based on PS2 hardware?? I'm quite sure no such thing exists Tongue Except if there are arcade systems with a Graphics Synthesizer and using 2 Vector Units as co-processors...
Even if there are, the answer is no, it's already hard enough.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
here it is namco system 246 Smile
and namco system 256

to me it looks like normal ps2 hardware with lite modifications and new bios set from namco... but i'm not an expert Laugh

ps. If its possible i will like to have a opinion on this topic from pros Smile someone from dev-team or hardcore testers
Wow it really does look like a PS2...oh well don't think the devs would even bother adding support for these stuff. But someone else could use the PCSX2 source as a base to work on an emulator for these systems Wink
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Maybe but to bad that PCSX2 code is so hard to handle Sad i dont think that some third parties will mess with it Sad
As far as i know code of this emulator is useless for some reason to other projects? if MAME team could adapt it as one of their drivers, System 2x6 emulation should be piece of cake, because PCSX2 is very good and very compatible with real hardware.
I'm very sorry my English SUCKS!!!
Well what did you expect, the PS2 is a VERY complex console and it requires even more complex code to emulate it efficiently. There are efforts being made to make the code cleaner and easier to understand, PCSX2 is way more programmer-friendly these days than it used to be but still needs work in that department.

PCSX2 is open source so anyone who wants to can use parts or the whole code, although they need to comply to the GPL license terms.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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