Are there any TV tuner cards that can match pcsx2?
I'm curious to know before I even try to do all this stuff required to get this thing working.

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dunno why you asking? a tuner is a tuner. they'll only deliver TV-out resolution. and TV cards on PC have massive controller lag.

pcsx2 is kinda superior in any way. Wink
Actually, the lag doesn't exist. The jaggies and blurriness do.
99% of commercial PS2 games don't support anything beyond a progressive SD resolution (480p ntsc, 576p pal). That will be your upper limit to quality with a tv tuner setup. On the other hand, if a game works properly in hardware mode on PCSX2, you can have near unlimited resolution.
You can increase the quality with good TV-Tuner,good monitor,good program(with useful filters)for the tuner and homebrew software for PS2(the PS2 program that can increase the quality(up to 1080p...I think)is called GSM)but you can never reach pcsx2 quality.

I'm using my tv-tuner but there a definitely big difference between even default settings for pcsx2 and tv-tuner quality
If you can find one of those RGB capture cards, those should give you the best display from a PS2
(without tricks like GSM that are hard to do and often don't work well).
I've found that TV tuners are a waste of money, even if you just want to watch TV.
Yeah, I'm using a capture card with direct Dscaler support and it works for debugging and stuff.
I wouldn't want to actually play a game using this though, as the quality is rather crap Tongue2
I bought a device called EasyCAP for $12 long ago, just to capture the output from the PS2 to display on my laptop LCD screen. It worked well but the driver kinda sucked. There was sound on the tested PC at the store, but there was no sound on my laptop. I did not want to play a game without sound, so I threw it away.
If you are looking to capture videos of PCSX2 HD Output, and put them on youtube or something, you need several things.

1. Assuming your PC is beefy enough to run PCSX2 in HD Resolutions, your Video Card needs to support Component Video Output.
DVI or HDMI would work too, but not with the Third piece to this puzzle: The Hauppauge HD PVR.

2. A Second Computer, dual core at least, that's capable of playing back h.264 @ 1080i.

3. A Hauppauge HD PVR. This device has both Component Video Inputs and Outputs.

Connect the Component Video Output of your PCSX2 PC,
to the Component Video Inputs in the HD PVR.
For audio, you can use an Optical Audio Cable, or RCA Stereo cables.

Another option is to use the built-in Movie Capture feature (if it is still there) of PCSX2, but that can cause slowdowns.

Also, some places make HDMI Capture Cards, but boy, they're expensive.
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