Avoid Emulator Halting?
I'm trying to uh.. Well in PS2 terms, load a DVD, eject it, then load another while the PS2 is running. I noticed when I press escape to load a different image, the plugins halt, so it's useless.. Is there a way around this? I'm probably just not looking hard enough. :x

I just tried running the first image, then going into the Cdvdrom settings and changing it to the next image, then running -> executing, and the first image is still running. So either that's not how it's supposed to happen or the second image just isn't working properly..?

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PCSX2 doesn't have proper disc swapping support, yet.
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Well if it's a completely different game, what you wanna do is click "Run > Reset". That's the equivalent to resetting the console, and then it will reboot the console with the image currently setup in Linuz.
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Ahhhh nevermind, it had to do with the way I ripped the game, I fixed it.

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