BIOS dump problem
I installed FreeMCBoot using Modbo Chip. I turned off Modchip, ran uLaunchELF and opened the Bios Dumper ELF file. After dumping the bios from my console (SCPH-77003 - PAL), PCSX2 detects the bios region as Japan. The dumped BIOS is different from the one on the console.

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This is a common problem, honestly I wouldn't worry too much about it. I have no idea why it happens, but it should work fine.
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If you are able to boot the fmcb installer,you could've just run the dumper instead of the fmc installer
I don't know if it will work on your bios but
Open the bin file with some hex editor and go to position 0x35B0
There you should find what the bios selector and the bios(when you run it is showing)
For example here I see 0200EC20040614 and in pcsx2 bios selector I see

If that address 0x35B0 is not showing those numbers(they will not be the same as mine of course)in that order try looking at the bios selector and search for that as a text(here I find two instances,one that have a .bin extension and the other one is the correct one)
To change it to PAL(EU),just replace the J with E(uppercase)
Using the HxD Hex Editor, I modified the line 0007FF00 from 0220JC20060210 to 0220EC20060210. PCSX2 detects the BIOS region as Europe but crashes when clicking Boot BIOS.

EDIT: I used other editor ( , BIOS works. Thanks for help!

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