Best pcsx2 compatible controller?
I have everything installed and games ready to play my computer specs are: i5 2500k 3.4 ghz gtx 560 1gb 8gb ddr3 1833mhz
all I need now is a controller but I dont know which one to buy there is a wide choice.So cana nyone help em choose a good pcsx2 compatible controller I don't like xbox type controllers I would like a good comforting controller thank you!!!

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the best is your original ps2 controller plugged on a PS2 to pc adapter.
those are very cheap, and you will have the exact same feelings as on your PS2
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Ya you could use an original PS2 controller with an adapter but personally I hated the original. I would use an Xbox 360 controller - they work much better.
I use a ps3 controller with a bluetooth adapter.
Very easy to configure, plus no cable Smile
(01-15-2013, 10:06 PM)frellisio Wrote: I use a ps3 controller with a bluetooth adapter.
Very easy to configure, plus input lag Smile

*Fixed Smile
Are the xbox controller comfortable?/ as im going to play kingdom hearts and i want to know if i will feel a difference? plus idk if the version of the xbox controller i buy will work..
Ya they are comfortable personally I never really liked the way the PS2 controller felt odd. Just buy a wired Xbox 360 controller PCSX2 is compatible with it.
Okay thanks do I have to purchase the original version or any?Thanks a lot Smile
(01-15-2013, 10:10 PM)YumiLovesMe Wrote: *Fixed Smile
For me work like a charm Tongue
I don't like XBox controllers, I just use my PS3 controller hooked up via USB. <3 MotionJoy

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