Bios problem. Help plz
I have installed "Pcsx2 0.9.6".I have found bios from PS2 & put all the bios files in the bios folder of Pcsx2. Then I enter ps2 game (God of war 2) in DVD Drive & run Pcsx2.exe. Then I go "File>Run CD/DVD", it shows
"The specified Bios files was not found. A bios is required for Pcsx2 to run.

File not found
Filename: bios"

How to run successfully ps2 games through Pcsx2 0.9.6??

Thanks in advanced.

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Considering your other post was closed for piracy, i doubt you will get any help with in this thread either.
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Poor you dude, since your bios already suspected from piracy from old your thread, we do not support you. Try it by your self, my nice advice.
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