Blurry images
Hello fellas!

Well i'm here mostly because when i turn up the resolution to anything beyond native the image displayed by the emu turns blurry, i try changing every aspect of the configuration but it results in nothing so i decided to beg you for help.

I attach some images of my problem and left you with the specification of my pc, i hope it's a simple adjusment that i can't see or something  Blush

PC Spec:
Core I5 7400
8Gb Ram (single channel)
GTX 1050Ti
Windows 10
[Image: yFIyNxJ.png]

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That screenshots is for Haunting Ground right? Here I found cheats to sharpen the game's image output among other things (Choose the one that match with your game's region)
Put the .pnach files into cheats folder and enable the cheats in the emulator's menu.

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