[Bug Report] Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner[NTSC-U]
Hello. I am experiencing a bug in the area of Maribell base when trying to enter the 5th door I experience the image. A frozen screen where I cannot skip, that has some odd thing on it. Is there any soft of way I can fix this, is the .iso possible corrupt? This is consistent and I have tried running the DDS hack, also other renderers. There is no possible way to progress with this here.
PCSX2 version: 1.4.0
Will give GS dump in file.

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.zip   gsdx_20171206161608.zip (Size: 2,24 MB / Downloads: 134)

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Can you try a 1.5.0 build here and see if the issue still exists? https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index....rev-v1.5.0
That is possible, give me a moment.
Sorry, but I do not know where the save files are located. Could you tell me where I could take the previous to the new?
You extract the .7z file and drag its' contents to your current PCSX2 folder (where the exe is located)
When I did this, I cannot access my saves.
Oh, never mind this is embarrassing. Due to it resetting my keys, I was pressing O for select. Sorry.
The bug still persists.
If you're talking about save states they aren't cross version compatibles.
Only the memcards can be used from a version to another
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As I stated it does still presist, with no changes worth noting.
What's your system specs and what GSdx settings are you using?
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