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[Bug Report] .Hack// G.U. Vol. 2 Reminisce - Alkaid Bug
humor this: does it happen when superVU is selected?

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Can you tell me what is superVU? xD I'm not an expert in this things >.<

EDIT: Oh i got it, look:
[Image: udf85by.jpg]

Can i just keep this? Or it can give to me problems in the future?
settngs: VUs enable supervu instead of microvu
Oh god Saiki, it worked.. it wooooooorked!! xD, i've edited the previous post, look at the image.
I thought so.. you can keep that for G.U at least. also put in a bug report on the git page regarding the issue, maybe someone will look into how the VUs differ on it
put in a report here: include a screen with mvu as well as super VU in the thread:
Ok i did, can you see if it's ok?

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