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[Bug Report] Sakura Wars So Long My Love [NTSC-U]
Hey, thanks, that works.

Also, This is just a theory and I'm sure that you've probably been guessing at it as well, but chapter 7 is probably the start of the 2nd layer. When I run the game, I notice the console says layer 2 not found.

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Np. I havent noticed it saying that but i wasnt really watching for it. As for chapter 7 , ive managed to get past it now using the svn build with the settings listed in my post with the memory card. It took me a bit to find a way to make it work. I should mention too im using the dvd7 version copied from an actual disc , not the dvd5 version thats been going around. Havent encountered any issues after that.
Hmm, looks like the key to a near flawless playthrough is a SVN r2771 or higher according to some forums, with the correct settings of course.
Thanks, i was going to try that game next (i currently use svn r2813). Anything above 2822 doesn't work? so i shouldn't try and get 2858?

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