[Bug Report] Soul Calibur 3
[Bug Report] Soul Calibur 3 PAL

# PCSX2 version: svn4463
# CPU options: microVU, all speedhacks on, Plugins used: GSdx 0.1.16 hardware SSE2 r4459
# Description: When ingame we got darker graphic, it gets visible when we try to savestate while in battle and load it few times.

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OS: Windows 7 Home Edition 32bit

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dont use speed hacks lol. hw can you do a bug report with speedhacks on?

also dont use savestates that much.
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Either use a (software) renderer in GSdx or the skipdraw hack set to 2 for the (Hardware) ones.

GSdx errors should be reported in the GSdx thread but this is a known issue anyway.
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