[Bug report] DirectX 11
Hi everybody! I'm Giuseppe and I'm form Italy. I don't know if I'm doing right, writing this right here. If I'm mistaking, please tell me, you're free to delete my topic or move it somewhere else, just notice me. I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect. I just wanna report that the new release of PCSX2 (0.9.6) doesn't work with my new notebook, throwing an error about DirectX. My notebook has Windows 7 Ultimate and DirectX 11. When I try to launch a game the software ask me to update DirectX. If someone knows how to resolve this problem please answer in this topic. All I think is that is a problem of video plugin. Do you agree? Do I have to wait for the next plugin, compatible with DirectX 11?

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1.As far as I know GSdx barely support DX11,it's something new that was added recently
2.When pcsx2 says that you don't have the newest directx it doesn't mean that you have to update from for example DX9 to DX10 but to update your directx version to the newest(for now DX from august 2009)
as far as i know the only directx 11 supported cards are radeon 57xx.
make sure you have 1 of these
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Even if you have DirectX 11 it doesnt mean it is up to date, if you simply have the one that came from Windows 7 it is old already simply click ok when it asks you to update and in case it doesnt work use either of these links:


Edit: Also if you're trying to use the D3D11 (Hardware) renderer in GSdx dont, you're better of with the D3D10 one for now.
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i have the same problem that doesnt work. when you try to use the update it throws up and error and tells you to read the bug report which states "you are using a newer version of directx you cannot update to an older version" any help on this would be fantastic. i have a dual boot system with xp\7 ultimate and i can run the emulator fine on the xp system with directx 9.0c but on windows 7 ultimate with directx 11 i get the "need to update directx" error. and as i stated earlier thats when if you try to update it tells you its an older version and cant update. so im at a loss here to get this working on my windows 7 OS (which i would like as i could then use directx 10 setting on the drivers) and windows 7 is now my main OS and i dont want to have to boot into xp just to use this emulator.
system specs:
3 gig intel core 2 duo
4 gig ram
512MB gts 250
windows 7 x86 ultimate
directx 11 fully updated

And FYI the GTS 250 is directx 11 capable just so theres no questions about that.
So PCSX2 won't work if you select the DirectX 9/10 renderers?

Both NVIDIA's site, Newegg and Wikipedia state the entire 200 family only goes up to 10.1; this may in fact be the root of your problem. If DirectX 11 isn't officially supported by the card, the DirectX 11 components may be ignored and trigger an error such as that.
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(11-17-2009, 06:24 PM)petris101 Wrote: as far as i know the only directx 11 supported cards are radeon 57xx.
make sure you have 1 of these

5xxx really
yes ive done the research and the gts 250 supports directx 11
Uh...no, it does not.
Quote:Feature Support: Microsoft DirectX 10
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At the moment, only ati hd 5xxx cards support dx11. In the near(?) future, nVidia fermi would be brandishing dx11 as well. Heck, dx11 profiles are even disabled in most recent svn codes.
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