CPU usage problem with Bleach Blade Battlers 2
i have a problem with Bleach Blade Battlers 2.
Everytime i start it, it runs fine. Then i start for example just a Player vs Cpu battle and it runs at 60fps perfectly, but after like half or 1 min the emulator/game stops using my CPU(checked it with AIDA64/Everest) and it runs around 8-10fps.
I have no idea why, any other game runs fine without problems.

Computer specs:
i5-3570 3.40Ghz
GTX 560 SE 1.5GB

The Energy saving settings is set to performance.

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Sounds like a problem with the GS plugin. Can you check with a lower scaling resolution (try x2 or native)?
I just checked it on Native. It still happens but only for a shorter time ~5 seconds, but it also happens more frequently around 7-10 seconds.
With my custom resolution it goes back to normal after a time too, but it takes more time and also happens again, i forgot to add this in my first post.

Edit: I just tried it again with custom resolution. The slowdown time was the same like in Native resolution. I dont know on what does it matter, yesterday it was like 20 seconds 10fps then back to normal. Now its just ~5 seconds.
can you open your task manager on the "processes" tab while you are playing pcsx2. Id suggest sorting the list by "PCSX2". If at any point PCSX2 isn't the one on top, this is what is causing your slow down (unless PCSX2 drops below 25%ish)
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PCSX2 is at top but when the slowdown happens, the CPU Usage decreases from 35-40% to ~25%(I've seen 24%,25% and 29%).
does anything else go up?
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Well, I do think it is taking too much time on the GPU.
Maybe the GSdx hack we added for it isn't working on some effects.
Can you try it in software mode? It'll be slow overall but those huge slowdowns should disappear if I'm right.
On my inferior radeon this game can lag a bit even at native starting from last texture cache fix/rewrite, GSdx from 0.9.8 which didn't had it allows for full speed with nice x3 upscalling, soo worth trying using previous release gsdx if you don't care about shadeboost and fxaa;p.
I changed from Direct3D11(Hardware) to Direct3D11(Software) and the problem disappeared. I played a normal 1v1 match without problems. I get some FPS drop when theres lot of effects on the screen but its because its in software mod right?
Yep, that's right. Now you know what to work on if you want hardware rendering.

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