CRC codes
Hey guys, are the crc codes different for every disc or should the crc be the same for every game? because I am looking at the dot.hack part1 crc and the one i saw posted online is a different crc than what i found on the pcsx2 log screen. Please help because i am trying to create a pnach file for part 3 and 4 of dot.hack and god of war 2 as well. Thank You!!

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which version do you have?
When they run, it says I have the US versions, they all run up to 60 FPS when i play them
post the SL*S and the CRC please?
Actually, i just noticed, i got a pnach file off the the cheats page for god of war 1, it is the same as the one as the one i see for the version of the game i have. Also, just saying, i did not rip the dot.hack games from a disc, i downloaded them, but the god of war ones, i ripped from the discs.

for dot.hack part 3, it is a SLUS and the crc is 0001171A

Part 4 of dot.hack is a SLUS and crc = DF05D056

quick question, what does SCUS mean??
(07-20-2013, 05:29 AM)Warcraftruler19 Wrote: i downloaded them
you should ripped you game disc using img burn rather than downloading them
well i dont actually have the games, i had the 2nd one, but idk where it is. my only other resort if i wanted to play them was download them. I dont know any place that will carry the dot.hack games cheap.
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