Camera spinning to the left
Hi im on a laptop with 16g ram & core i7 (10) with a Nvidia 1660, using a wired ps4 controller...

Playing spiderman 2 and ultimate spiderman just entering the first mission my camera starts spinning to the left & this only stops when i press R2 & R3 (to the right).

Ive already checked if its a problem directly from the controller but in the windows settings menu everything seems fine. Also ive tested it in a ps3 emulator and i dont have this problem at all, so its not a controller problem directly i believe.

I would appreciate any assistance!         

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Delete LilyPad.ini (similar effect as restore defaults)
Disable Dinput

Use steam:

Or use DS4Windows:

DS4 is also an oddity among controllers where bluetooth is faster than wired.

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