Can someone help me to get this game running decent on my PC
Hi guys im havin a bit of an small issue with NFS Underground. It runs good on my PC but not smooth the way i want it to be. i want it to run like this video. the guy has listed a few things in the description but i really dont know what he means with all that stuff. if some1 could help me out that would be awesome

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1.Even if the game was running at 1fps while recording,the video will be at full speed.
2.60fps patches require twice the hardware requirements to run the game at full speed which means,to be able to get 60fps patch to work and the game to run at 60fps,you must be able to run the game at 120fps without the patch.

The patch is the same as using cheats
Edit:And I also see that he is using +3 on EE which make the requirements even higher
Okay here are my specs.

i3 8100 (4 cores 4 threads)
GTX 1060 6GB (overclocked my gpu aswell)
8GB DDR4 2666MHZ ram

Do u think i could run the game smooth with these specs and how do i use the 60fps patch ?
I don't know,you can check by running the game and press Tab to switch to turbo mode which is 120fps.
If you can run the game at that speed(it will be hard because the car will move twice as fast)and never below,then yes but if you really want to use his settings,you will also have to set the EE speed hack to +3


Also,you cpu is 4 cores only,not with 4 threads(Hyperthreading) and i7 4790k at 4.5Ghz is faster than your cpu
Thanks for the help i have put in the 60fps patch and still my game runs okay but not smooth.

I think you are right and my CPU is bottlenecking in this case. I will try and upgrade from processor in the near future

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