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Can't make it 1080p
(08-30-2013, 03:29 AM)tsunami2311 Wrote: IT WILL ALWAYS show 6**x4** or 5*8x4** in the title bar of the window even if you set it to Native 2x,3x,4x,5x or specify a custom res 6**x4** or 5*8x4** are the defualt res of all ps2 games

Agian the title bar show the RES is not the actual rendering res it just show the default res of the game.

Okay but even if that is the case no matter what i do it looks nothing like hd , not even close.

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Think this way, take a calculator and multiply that resolution shown at the title bar for whatever used multiplier. So 2x doubles the horizontal resolution to 1280 (supposing it was 640), 3x doubles the vertical also to 1024 (if it was 512) and so on (or is how I remember to have read long ago).

alternatively you can use custom resolution and directly input 1920x1080 and that will be the resolution the video output will be rendered... just remember what people have been telling to you since the first reply... the game's original resolution will be always shown at the title bar, does not matter which resolution is actually being used.

On the other hand, unless the game has native support to "widescreen", let's say 16:9 or you use a patch for the game case it has one (there is a thread dedicated to widescreen patch in this very forum) the image will have black borders in full screen. This is dictated by the "Aspect ratio" option at the "Window Settings". Be careful not to use the incorrect aspect ratio, least the image not becoming stretched and distorted.

PS: You are right, the original PS2 is not HD and so the emulator is not HD also, in the sense it can interpolate points in between the original image points so to blend them and then smoothing the image, but in no way can increase texture details and such fancies. It's not a fail at the emulator side, it's just the game has not high resolution... just be glad you can have the upscale because it's something that PS2 itself has not. The upscale is not even part of the emulation, it is a plus and a very nice plus (although necessary because PS2 was designed for old TVs which automatically blurs the image making it softer and looks awfully pixelated in modern HD TVs and of course, monitors).
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Go play the game on your ps2 then compare it to how it looks on the emulator the ps2 will look worse then the emulated version I have the budokai games for the ps2 and there is huge difference between native resolution rendering and 3x native but they all suffer terrible from jaggies even with FXAA.
I came for the same problem, but i decide after reading the previous commentaries to make a test with two screenshot, and now I understand that I made a mistake. in native resolution in custom resolution 1366x768

Like you see the lines aren't pixelized in the first photo, but I always don't understand why I haven't the same quality as this video, where the guy is running the same game. My image seem to be blurred Sad

The video of the guy:
My video settings:

And if you know how to remove the black bands on the two side, in the idea to have a real 16/9 screen, the would be welcome.

Sorry for bad english, I'm from France. Thanks a lot. Smile
He's running a much older version of PCSX2, one that didn't emulate the full screen filter the game uses (that causes the blurring) correctly. Since it wasn't emulated correctly, the filter was automatically "skipped" which is why the image appears clearer.

You can force the removal of this filter by using the "skip draw" hack in the video plugin settings. Start out with 1 and work the number up till the filter is gone. Again, this is a feature of the real PS2 game as it would run on real PS2 hardware that was broken in an old version.
Thanks a lot Smile

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