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Can you run PCSX2 without admin?
If no, are there any work arounds, or is admin an absolute necessity in Window's (XP if that's any consolation).

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yes you can if you had any accessing problems try the binary here :
I'll make sure to try that out thanks Smile.
On XP you should not have any problem running with common user account unless the folder it is installed has already access rights issues.

Actually most games don't need admin privileges to run, many need it to install and only when need to install something in the system folder or something alike. Although I never actually tested I have reasons to believe installing under My Documents is bad news even in XP because applications are not the same as the user and may be seen as invasion attempt by security mechanisms when running from protected folders.
Imagination is where we are truly real
It works, thanks Smile.
It's funny you mention Administrator Rights.
In the newest builds, on my Vista, I require admin rights. Otherwise I get errors.
agentm2, Probably because the emulator is installed on C:\Program Files... the nemesis of all games out there which relies on mods and/or plugins.

Avoid installing (even PC games) in that accurs... uh... I mean, less than blessed directory and things will be much easier and less headaches granted.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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